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Like a Lazy Ocean Hugs the Shore

“Hold me close, sway me more.”

Your stomach knotting itself in hunger tears your attention away from the rhumba music leaking out of the open windows on the second floor.  You feel your sins crawling up your back as you cased the new monster dance school that recently opened, monsters that you head only heard about in the stories your grandma told you. Although there was mostly curiosity when they settled at the foot of Mt. Ebott now there was unsurprisingly vicious monsterphobia from a large chunk of the human population.
Sadly that is why you’re here counting windows and doors at a monster owned establishment, you didn’t hate monsters, or even minded them, you were desperate.  It had been weeks since your last proper meal, and you only had enough left for one more week at the cheapest motel you could find on the outskirts of Volpe, the city bordering Ebott.
You curl your toes in your worn out flats, and tug your hoodie closer around you stepping in the building.  Since there was such discrimination if you got caught in your soon to be attempted theft you figure your could probably at least get away with running for your life even if you didn’t manage to nab anything.
You gulp hard and shudder feeling your heart sink to your stomach, once upon a time you wouldn’t ever be entertaining such disgusting thoughts but dying in a ditch wasn’t the way you wanted to go out.
‘ And living off stolen goods from those who have done nothing wrong is how you want to live?’ you push your thoughts to the back of you mind, and take a dry gulp trying to not to dry heave and calm down your weak shaking.
“Fuck.” You look at your shaking hands. The lack of food was taking its toll, distracting you from a tall skeleton quickly walking down the hall and straight towards you.

“AHH!!” you fell backwards into a chair that was sitting against a nearby wall. You only had a moment to ponder why you didn’t just fall on your ass before a bony hand grabbed yours and pulled you back up.
“IM SORRY IF I THE GREAT PAPYRUS STARTLED YOU HUMAN, I JUST WANTED TO WELCOME YOU TO MS TORIEL’S SCHOOL FOR DANCE.” You took a good look finally able to see who was talking and balked at the skeleton that smiled at you and held your hands in his giant bony ones.
“Oh um, its not problem thank you.” You manage to sputter shaking his hands the best you can while your hands are clasped in between his.
“ARE YOU HERE TO SIGN UP FOR CLASSES?” the very enthusiastic skeleton shouted at your face.
“Uh-“ you stammered until a deep voice interrupts from behind you.
“Hey Papyrus whose this?” you turn around to face the owner and its another skeleton is just about the same size as you.
“SANS! WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING AT THE FRONT DESK I WELCOMED THIS POTENTIONAL NEW STUDENT!” The tall skeleton named Papyrus exclaimed. You turn around to look at the desk sitting across from the door, fuck he must have seen you staring at the building wait, sleeping?
“They must be lucky then bro.” he shrugged giving you a pointed stare like he could see right through you. You smiled but gulped softly, your heart beating too hard and fast making you queasy.
“ARE YOU OK HUMAN?” Papyrus asked bringing your hands closer to him. His concern warmed your currently weak heart, and dragging your guilt higher on your back.
“Oh I’m fine thank you though.” You quickly pulled your hands back and retreated a few steps back. “I just wanted to check this place out, it looks really nice here.”
“IM GLAD YOU THINK SO, WE’RE OPEN FOR STUDENTS ANYTIME. BUT PLEASE DON’T LIE.” You felt your heart stop as you looked up at his concerned expression.  “IM SORRY THAT WAS OBTRUSIVE BUT PLEASE DON’T BE AFRAI-“
He was cut off by a small child running into his legs followed by a tall graceful goat woman. “OH FRISK” he looked down and held the kids hand giving them a twirl.
“Thank you for welcoming me, I’ll be on my way.” You quickly escaped from the building reluctantly.
‘That was a close one’, as you made your way to the motel you thought back to that feeling. ‘Close one? What exactly was close?’ you took a deep shaky breath and walked faster, passing the loud people and bright lights to your temporary place of rest. The crisp breeze of the A/C and the clean smell of newly renovated building was sorely missed as you stepped into your small room, you had the motel basics. Stiff bed with thin sheets and blankets, bland dressed with an old TV, shower with surprisingly soap that you’re trying to stretch out.  
On your dresser you left a sandwich and bag of chisps which you quickly tear into, trying to be a thief was more emotionally draining then you thoughts it would be. ‘Because you’re well aware that your being a terrible person.’ you think at yourself.  You turn on the TV and bury your face in chips, familiar sound of Eres Todo En Mi from the static made itself known.
Eres todo en mi,

Por siempre y para siempre,

Desde que te vi,

Nunca mas tender,

Temor pues con tu amor,

Volvi a sentir…
“Y a renacer...” you whispered along, watching Vanessa Williams longingly lock eyes with Chayanne, as she danced with Rick Valenzuela. You love Dance With Me, and it only seemed appropriate that this happened to be on TV before you attempted to steal the livelihood of good monsters who only wanted to go about they’re days peacefully.  You had long lost the naiveté of youth, and watching one of your favorite movies only seemed like an appropriate end before you walked past the point of return.
If you hadn’t crossed it already.
Like a Lazy Ocean Hugs the Shore Ch.1
I've finally made the first chapter of my Dancetale Fanfic, and first Undertale fic. 

I have an A03 now and have uploaded the first chapter!!…
Changes and revisions have been made so reread it if you so desire. A03 will also be the primary site i post updates too so check it out there for new chapters first!

I hope you enjoy this chapter and stay for more :3

i currently have no Beta
I appreciate constructive feedback, and positive feedback, or maybe you don't like dancing?

Dancetale is made by Tea and Stars…

Official Dancetale Blog:

Movie scene and music refrenced:……

Tumblr Link:…
A fairy type crime syndicate would be AMAZING in pokemon~
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