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Fimblveter by FountainStranger
During :iconmlp-silver-quill:'s review of the MLP:FiM IDW Friend's Forever #30, during the written review he also posted a picture of what a possible Nightmare iteration of Cadance Mournful Frost.…

While the source of her transformation may be interesting, it was the whole idea of ice and snow that really got me. The comics are B Cannon, but its still secondary cannon, and in the comic it was shown that Cadance's emotions are directly tied to the Crystal Heart.

I thought this was worth consideration considering that the Crystal Heart not only protects the Empire which is very important to Equestria's well being. If Cadance ever did become evil/lost it could affect the Crystal Heart if this B Cannon world building is cannon. Its been shown that the heart not only spreads love and light, but it also makes the Empire habitable. 

Considering this i brainstormed my own interpretation of a Nightmate Cadance.


Fimblveter is one of the disasters before Ragnarok, for 3 seasons long Fimblveter, a long horrid winter, ravages the land. not only bringing a cold blanket of death, but also the death of all relationships. lover turned to hate, familial relationships falling apart into cold feuds.

The crystal empire is all about love, and its various forms, so if the empress fell to darkness it would reverse to a cold hatred. The Crystal Heart would be worthless, and Fimblveter, the mare who used to be Cadance, would only coldly march in silence across Equestria freezing all in her wake. no hatred, no laughing, no plan for world domination, just winter

If the state of the empire is supposed to reflect the state of equestrian then it would be disastrous if it were to fall, Fimblveter would only leave frozen ponies in her wake.

As far as her visual design, as often as i see icicles, and crystal like hard jagged edges for ice characters in the mlp fandom, most people forget that blizzards, and other frost things actually have very organic swirls, and patterns that are pleasing to look at. So I made Fimblveter's mane a blizzard in constant motion that would likely bleed into any blizzards she would make from herself. 

The body and hooves are reminiscent of Windigos which also have organic curls and swirls in their design.

The wings are basically Nightmare Moon but more feathery.

The colors are also basically just snow, and the colors of untouched snow for camouflage purposes, or to signify her being the storm.

Stay by FountainStranger
This is my second entry for :iconxenomorphicdragon:'s Undertale AU contest. I was originally going to go with the skelebros, but i also like the Toriel design so heres a self insert choosing to Stay with Toriel. When Frisk falls they'll probably go with them to try to keep them save, mostly unaware of Frisk's power.
UnderFandango Skeleton Questions by FountainStranger
UnderFandango Skeleton Questions made an AU where Manny Calavera journey's with Frisk while trying to figure out why Frisk didn't die from falling down a mountain.…

Its amazing, so i wanted to draw something for it.
“don’t call me by my full name.” Sans’s smile strained, and pulled his hands out of his pockets clasping them together with a few clacks.

“Oh SansyPansy don’t worry I won’t call you by your full name.” Mettaton crossed his legs getting comfortable on Papy’s lap wrapping an around his shoulders, and waving the other at Sans.

Sans gritted his teeth, and you pointedly looked down at your plate trying to keep your nose out of more trouble. You didn’t really know much about anyone here, but you could guess how this scenario could go down, and it wouldn’t be pretty.

“MY DARLING!” Papyrus snapped out of his earlier awe, and gave what you assumed to be a skeleton kiss to Mettaton’s cheek by kind of bumping his teeth against his metal cheek.

Mettaton cooed happily, and gave Papyrus a kiss too. “METTATON AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE ON TOUR?” Papyrus rested a hand on one of Mettaton’s thighs, and rested the other on the small of his back.

“I finished early darling. Once I heard the good news from Asgore I HAD to come home right away.” Mettaton smiled, and flipped his hair which seemed to be made from fine strands of some kind of wire, or metallic woven fiber.

“Besides with my already refined raw talent, and master class we’ll be unstoppable.” He chuckled, and then silently turned to face you.

You felt the attention of the room shift to you, as you felt your shoulders suddenly feel heavier from the weight of the now mostly silent group turning their gaze. Your back also felt exposed, like a prey animal suddenly aware of a predator’s gaze.

“I also caught wind of a little, incident.” The human sounding voice, shifted to a threatening robotic hiss.

You dug harder, if that’s even possible, into the quickly dwindling spaghetti pile on your plate trying to be as non-threatening as possible.

“OF COURSE I WAS SO EXCITED YOU CAME HOME EARLY, I FORGOT TO INTRODUCE YOU TO Y/N! HOW SILLY OF ME.” Papyrus took a hand off of Mettaton’s thigh, and motioned to you shrinking in on yourself around an empty plate.

“I-it’s nice to meet you Mr. Mettaton.” You tried to unfold yourself, and sound at least confident. But you couldn’t force your head up, it was even clearer when you heard the sound of carpeted clicks coming over to you accompanied by an unimpressed Hmph.

“This is the little mouse that broke into the studio under your noses?” You looked up to see Mettaton staring down at you with one hand supporting his elbow, and the other hand next to his face fingers pinched together.

Mouse? That was the first word that came to mind?

“It’s not like its inaccurate.” y/n said plainly from the back of your mind.

'Gee thanks.'

“THEY MAY BE SHY NOW, BUT WHEN I FOUND THEM THEY WERE LOCKED IN COMBAT WITH SANS.” You turned to look at Papyrus who came to stand on your other side, putting his hands on your shoulders.

“Really.” The word could be a question, but it was plainly audible as ‘I don’t believe it.’


You were pretty sure its pride anyway.

“It’s pride.”

You inwardly snirked at y/n’s continued commentary, biting back a small smile.

“I’ll be the judge of that” You focused outward, and saw the glamorous robot clap his hands. A song started playing from a speaker on his chest, he started bouncing his hip, putting his arms down, and raising his chin up eyes trained on you.

Fuck, I can’t do this. Two dance battles in one day was pushing it.

You felt y/n sweating bullets, even if they took over neither of you could do anything about your poor physical health. Even the dance with Frisk was fueled by adrenaline, and the kind of emotion that gives people strength.

But neither of you could summon that now.

“nope.” The music suddenly shut off, and Mettaton was glaring offended at Sans who was putting his left hand down when you turned to look at him.

“they were already tested by undyne, and lost.” He shrugged at the robot putting a hand over the speaker chest like Sans groped him or something.

“SANS THAT WAS RUDE! BUT HE IS RIGHT, Y/N IS IN NO CONDITION TO BE ACTIVE RIGHT NOW.” Papyrus took yours, and Frisk’s empty plates.

Mettaton looked like he was going to put his boot down, but Frisk crawled out of Sans’s lap, and ran up to his legs holding their arms up for a hug.

Mettaton sighed, and extended his arms lifting Frisk up to lean on his chest.

“We just had lunch, wanna come back to the studio with us?” Frisk smiled cutely at him.

“Of course darling, I wanted to come see my favorite skeleton and human before I went straight there.” Mettaton ruffled their hair, and sighed shooting an unapproving stare at you still sitting on the couch.

Papyrus came back from the kitchen, wiping his hands on a towel hanging it on a towel rack, before going to Mettaton, and Frisk walking them out the door.

“don’t worry kid.” You turned to Sans who was slowly standing, a signal for you to get up.

“i believe in the hands on approach, but i know when to slow down.” You waited for him to go ahead, but it took a couple of seconds to realize that he wasn’t going to move until you did. So you followed the trio out the door with Sans following, and locking the door.

You aren’t sure if that’s even going to do anything since there was a giant hole where a window used to be, but it really wasn’t any of your business.

“i meant what i said when I said that we were done for the day.” You looked at Sans with a concerned look, turning to the retreating figures making their way into a long sleek limo with decals of a… calculator?

“don’t look so grim, I got that covered. you still hungry?” He had a genuine looking look on his face, and the truth be told you could still go for seconds of that spaghetti.

You nod silently holding onto your arms, and for a second he seemed tired, or frustrated before returning to his regular grin.

“i know this great place run by a friend, besides papy’s cooking he has the best eats in town.”
I wasn't ever able to find any kind of english dub, or sub for this movies before today. But i finally found one and i want to share it with you guys~

Ico el Caballito Valiente is a good film, i would have loved watching this in my childhood.

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