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Lifestream / Happy Birthday Whitney~ by FountainStranger
Lifestream / Happy Birthday Whitney~
    The Witch of Space wandered. She couldn't keep track of the time that had passed since she had last seen any of her friends, space was vast and silent. It was hard to believe that she had been thrown from the chaos that raged elsewhere in the Medium. It was still jarring to become the complete opposite of yourself and turn grim dark. Then having it ripped out of you and into someone else, she stopped moving forward and held her head floating in place recalling the events that led to her current situation.
    It was kind of a blur but she remembered being able to move through time and yelling, then a feeling like a scab was being torn off. Then waking up in the arms of her best friend and what sounded like far away explosions and then being weakly tossed into the endless expanse of space. It was certainly unpleasant to say the least.

    "WHITNEY!!" She turned to see the source of the voice coming from Abby The Hero of Blood.
"Abby!?" She flew forward and practically fell backwards and she caught Abby who was holding onto her tightly.
"Whats going on? Its been three years!" She held on just as tight to her shaking friend.
"Whitney your back to normal!" Abby smiled and kept hugging pulling her from side to side.
"What do you mean normal?" Whitney asked while trying to gently push off her very clingy friend.

    She frowned and explained how she turned completely grim dark, and how she became a Seer of Time. At first she went straight to work traveling through time, but as time went on she stopped acting like herself. They had confronted her and Alex The Thief of Heart had "Stolen" the grim dark persona that she had become. Then things went crazy, it didn't just go away and he became grim dark as well. She had carried/dragged her unconscious body away from the newly ensuing fight and tossed her into space away from the fight.
    Whitney frowned and rubbed her head frustrated and tired while she absorbed the information that was just dumped onto her. 
"Aye…" with a groan she looked up at her friend about to say something until she noticed that she had a bouquet of flowers in her hands.
"Why do you have flowers?…" 
"Oh its for you" Abby smiled holding them out.
"What for?" she asked accepting the fairly large bouquet, "This doesn't seem like the time to be handing out flowers."

    "Happy Birthday~"
"…What?" Whitney looked at the flowers and back at her. 
"Today is your birthday!~" Abby smiled with a large smile, "i've been keeping track of the time and TODAY is your birthday!"
She looked at the flowers and smiled tears welling up in her eyes, "Thank you~" She hugged the friend she hadn't been able to see in years and patted her head.

    "Oh! And i also alchemized a new key blade for you~" She pulled back and pulled that new weapon out. The handle was wrapped in fine black leather with the hand guard shaped like one of the rings of the Queens of Prospit and Derse, going up it was shaped similarly like the King's scepter until it reached the key part and it was delicate swirls of gold and royal purple forming a corona shape around what looks like a small Skaia floating in the ring, the keychain attached was a gold and purple crown Whitney picked it up and swung it in the air, it left a temporary trail of a crackling red streak something similar to the Red Miles.

    "How did you make this?" She asked swinging it some more to get the feel of it.
"I was experimenting and i made that after i accidentally made this ribbon wand." She held up a similar wand with no ribbon seemingly attached to it. 
"Wheres-" Before she could finish Abby swung that wand and a ribbon made of Red Miles came out becoming longer the more she tossed and swung. After a few steps she stopped and the ribbon dissipated back into the ribbon wand. 

    They hugged again and they looked around at the space around them, they hadn't noticed the sky around them. From the earth space looked black dotted with stars. But they floated in a dizzying array of color and shape.
"I love this Whitney said feeling better, "Its like nothing i've ever dreamed if any kind of awaked or sleeping state."
"… They look like veins." Abby said staring at the colorful swirls.
"Veins?" Whitney turned to her with a raised eyebrow.
"You know like the life blood of the universe." She explained with an awkward smile. "I've had alot of time to think about blood and veins and relationships."
"Relationships?" Whitney asked raising an eyebrow.

   Before she could explain a cannon ball whizzed straight past them nearly missing them, as they're robes flapped by the wind it made. 
"Whats a Derse battleship doing so far out!?" Abby asked as they turned to see the rather large ship heading they're way. "And how did we not see that?"
"Im not sure but now isn't the time to run away, we can talk about it after we survive this encounter." Whitney turned to Abby and smiled moving into a battle stance wielding her new key blade.
She nodded back and they both flew at the ship weapons out dodging the cannon balls flying at them.

WOOOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHITNEY!! ~~~~~~ :iconflaredrake20: ~~~~~~

and as far as this story goes i have no idea if she would consider it cannon to her story but i thought it would be cool, i'll also be making drawing of the weapons i described and posting them. 
Children of Chaos by FountainStranger
Children of Chaos
Full Name: Octavius Maximillion Alexander the Magnificent
Nickname: Senpai
Gender: Banana
Species: Banana
Age: Banana
Parents: Discord and Drocsid
Siblings: Echo (little sister)
Friends: Too much of a handsome loner and so he intimidates others
Likes: Strawberries
Dislikes: Romantic Rivals of any kind
CutieMark: Too awesome at everything so he just can't have one, successor to Discord

Full Name: Echo
Nickname: Ko
Gender: Both/Neither
Species: Dragonequus (Dragon, Gecko, Alien, Bird, Stag, Cat, Sea Serpent, Tiger)
Age: Banana
Parents: Discord and Droscsid
Siblings: Octavius Maximillion Alexander the Magnificent
Friends: Likes to consider Lumina a friend
Likes: Music, eating, hanging out with her big brother best friend forever, experimenting 
Dislikes: Amity (doesn't want her dating her dad, SHES NOT HER REAL MOM)
Cutiemark: Blank and is sad about it (doesn't know she probably wont get one)

    Sooooo, these are Discords kids. One day he decided he wanted them so he did, have them that is. Thats it :3
    Im subscribed to the Official MLP Youtube channel and this morning a trailer for Season 5 popped up and it struck me that maybe i should make a journal about it, so i am.

Here you go~
  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: Vib-Ribbon
  • Reading: Sailor Moon Manga
  • Watching: Sailor Moon Crystal
  • Playing: Dance Masters
  • Eating: Over Easy Eggs
  • Drinking: Water


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